Opening and closing times

Opening time Monday to Saturday

Monday - 12 Noon to 11-45pm

Tuesday - 12 Noon to 11-30pm

Wednesday - 12 Noon to 11-45pm

Thursday - 12 Noon to 11-45pm

Friday - 12 Noon to Midnight

Saturday - 12 Noon to Midnight

Sunday - 11am to Midnight

Merry Christmas


Friday 22nd December - 12pm to 12-30am

Saturday 23rd December - 12pm to 12-30am

Christmas Eve - 11-30am to 11-30pm

Christmas Day - 11am to 11-30pm

Boxing Day - 12pm to 12am

Wednesday 27th December - 12pm to 11-30pm

Thursday 28th December - 12pm to 11-30pm

Friday 29th December - 12pm to 12-30am

Saturday 30th December - 12pm to 12-30am

New Years Eve - 12pm to 1am

New Years Day 2018 - 12pm to 11-30pm

Merry Christmas

Please note all games must be off by 11-45 pm each night.